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The battle had been relentless. If spectators had been watching it, they would have been surprised anyone was standing after the smoke cleared. But a champion stood, at least for that day.

Love Fights 01Actually, the clash seemed unfair at the start. It was One combatant against an entire army of dragons. The army was a formidable collection of beasts armed from head to tail, literally. They breathed fire. They flew. Their tails had razor-like edges. Their bite was as powerful as a crocodile. They were as fast as lightning and as frightening as thunder. The battle hardened dragons were brutal and ruthless savages who always pressed their attack to conquer and destroy.

Love FightsThe One combatant was a strong adversary. He was a massive presence with arms and legs resembling the trunks of mighty oak trees. His eyes burned with passion. His shield was hammered from the fires of Heaven made of metal no earthly man could match. With the strength of his swing, His sword was able to slice a mortal in half. His armor was like burnished bronze covering his massive chest. Indeed, he was a foe to be feared. Though the dragons outnumbered him, this One would not go down easily.

From the very first moment of their confrontation, He unleashed his fervor attacking first by flailing his sword and shield in every direction almost at once. One dragon, then two, then three dropped to the ground almost immediately. They did not anticipate such power and agility or such viciousness. Their enemy was just as brutal as they, unwilling to take prisoners. He fought valiantly and violently holding nothing back.

The other dragons stealthily surrounded him. From all sides, their bursts of fire and razor-like tails inflicted significant wounds on His back and arms. One swooped from behind and pierced an eye with his tail while another’s bite drew blood from his thigh. The intense pain forced the One to drop to His knees and roll in agony. Surprisingly, the roll was an evasive move as well for He rose to his feet in a commanding roar that parted the clouds. He fought back with greater fierceness and the battle raged on. One dragon after another dropped to the ground. Some hobbled away. Others rebounded and fought harder. The army and the One fought each other relentlessly for hours. Both sides matched blow for blow. Neither would back down.

love fights 05After what seemed like forever, the dragons became weary. But the One seemed to gain strength the longer he fought. In fact, he kept pressing the attack. One by one by one, the dragons faltered and quit. As the sun set that evening, the One had stood His ground. His power and presence was overwhelming. He was too much for the army of dragons that day.


Who is this victorious combatant? It’s GOD’S love.

What is GOD’S love fighting for? You.

You are the pearl of great price. You are the hidden treasure. He’s pursuing, calling and fighting for you . . . to win your truest and deepest affection. You are the one He would give everything for.

Innumerable dragons of distraction surround you every single day. They attack your heart calling for your attention. They are the dragons of pride, unforgiveness, greed, laziness, despair and fear, among others. They are powerful foes whose sole purpose is to destroy you. They’re shrewd, cunning and deceitful. And they are relentless. Every single day brings a new battle to your heart. On your own, you cave in. At times, you do not even realize it.

But there is One fighting for you. It’s GOD’s love. You may have never realized it, but this vicious beast fights against the temptations that attack your heart and draw you into situations that are too much for you. His love knows what’s at stake. If you go down a path once, you will go down it again. And if you keep going down that path, it will disable your heart, imprison you and ultimately destroy you. So GOD’s love fights relentlessly for you, to keep you from the deceitful attacks. That’s why He pursues you and combats the dragons. Come what may the One is in the fray and will never back down or give up. No matter the cost, He will fight for your heart until the bloody end.

GOD’s love invites you to choose Him – every single moment. He sings over you at night and quiets your heart. Then every morning, GOD’S love waits for you to get up. When you do, He beckons you to a life of purpose and meaning, the very desires of your heart that get lost in the demonic distractions pulling you away from His calling.

love fights 07Today you look back and you can see it, can’t you? You can see where you caved and got lost along the way. Perhaps you still are. GOD’S love is still fighting for your heart. The dragons fight against His love every day. They tell you to doubt Him, but you know His love is true. Regardless of how hard it is right now for you, His love for you is true.

Nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord. “

Today, give the One a fighting chance. Choose GOD’S love over the temptations. Because He’s already paid the ultimate price for you on a cross. All the demons of hell could not keep Jesus in the grave. And now every single day, He’s fighting the forces of darkness on your behalf. Give Him a fighting chance. Let GOD love you today and see what happens.




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