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It’s Not Perfect Parenting

Love in the home is a presence.love and family 04

It’s like a mist in the forest that settles and rests among the trees.

You can feel it in the quiet air.

It is powerful sense of calm assurance, great joy, lasting faith and deep peace.


Where there is love at home, children will have:

 Courage to face the world,

 To overcome evil with good,

 To be light in the darkness,

 And peacemakers in the war.

 Healing when the world attacks and hurts them.


 Discipline when the dangerous spirit of rebellion invades,

 And Forgiveness when they succumb to that temptation.


Encouragement to dream

                      And to pursue those dreams.

       love and family 02Wisdom to navigate the waters of uncertainty,

And Grace if those dreams fail.


  Assurance to open up their hearts safely,

And to share what they discover.

Because there is no ridicule or sarcasm where there is love.


Truth to firmly ground them on a solid foundation,

And Discernment to uncover the lies that can destroy them.Love and Family


It’s not perfect parenting that sets up a child to succeed.

It’s love.

Love launches a child into the world of the unknown and at the same time, it draws them back home.

Children know that regardless of where they go or what they will encounter, home will be there, because

Love always protects, always trust, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails.

Dad & Son

Thankful for all those dads out there loving their children and helping them become all GOD created them to be. And thankful to be a dad!




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