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One Powerful Question to Restore Your Heart

At different times of my life, I’ve been a part of new starts – a church, a business, a book, among other things. And the one battle that I faced in all of those start-ups was discouragement. He and I wrestled time and again. It was day and night, mostly night. When I awakened in the dark, he would whisper to me all the things that were wrong and how nothing was right. And I would lose my heart for the calling before me. Discouragement would stomp on my passion until it was bloody and blue. At times it would quit breathing.

discouragementI’m not the only warrior who has fought this battle. You have too if you have had a dream that would bring healing or hope to others. Perhaps it was an idea for a product, a book or a business. But enormous obstacles waited on the horizon. Things like money, time and people were very limited. Discouragement snuck in unawares, trampled on your dream and stole your heart. He whispered to you that your idea was crazy from the start. He said, “Nobody believes in what you are doing. It’s not going to work. Cut your losses. Get a job and move on.” You listened closely. You agreed. As a result, you decided to quit. The ogre jumped with excitement because another crusader bit the dust. As a result, things stayed the same because of your decision . . .

 To quit.

How then does one fend off this formidable opponent? How does one overcome his powerful voice? Let me share with you a single question I have found that effectively fights off the monster we call discouragement. Here it is:

 What if I do quit?


That one question is about what’s at stake. What will be lost? Whose life will go untouched if I quit?

Or even more – How many lives will go untouched if I quit?

That’s the hardcore truth that you don’t see when you’re fighting discouragement. You don’t realize how much good will come from your perseverance. If you will just stay the course, good things will happen for you and for others. That’s no pipe dream either. A better future is in your grasp, but you must fight for it. Discouragement will try to rip it out of your hands.

discouragement 05

discouragement 03

If today you are reading this because you’ve lost heart for your vision, then ask yourself the one simple question: What if I quit? Write out the answer. Don’t just go over it in your head. Put the pen to the page and write it down. You may discover you need several pages. Regardless, write the words and read them out loud.

 If your answer is: “Well, nothing really will be different if I don’t do this,” then yeah, go ahead and quit. What you are trying to start is not worth the effort.

However, if your honest answer (not exaggerated hope) involves a positive impact on others, then today is not the day to quit. And tomorrow’s not looking good either. Many people are depending on you to stay the course.

discouragement 08


When you are battling discouragement, this one question is a powerful weapon because it reminds you of what’s at stake and why you followed your vision in the beginning. Those four simple words with a concluding question mark empower you to stare discouragement in the face and break its powerful grip on your heart.

 What if I quit?

Ask the question. The answer will renew your heart, restore your strength and propel you into a future beyond your wildest dreams. We all will be glad you did.

 Don’t be afraid. Don’t be discouraged”

Joshua 1:9

Find inspiration from my two books, Found my Heart When I Lost my Way and Make It Count. You can get either from Amazon or from me personally via Facebook or Twitter.


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