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Have You, Even for a Moment, Considered . . . ?

“Suffering is not the problem; the problem is not suffering. The problem is not “hard life,” but rather, for far too many of us, a life that is too easy. It is generally true that if we live a life of total ease, utterly devoid of pain and suffering, we are also living a life of insignificance.”

What do you think about that?

Does ease lead to insignificance? Does hardship lead to significance?

fire of adversityfire of adversity 7

fire of adversity 6 History tells us that no one ever ascended the ladder of greatness without hardships. History is filled with leaders who reached the heights of significance by facing and overcoming adversity. In fact, their adversity was what propelled them forward.

Do you see what that means? It means their adversity was more than a difficult moment or a meaningless crisis. Their suffering had a purpose. It enabled them to overcome the power of gravity in their lives and they soared to another atmosphere of living.

If you are suffering and struggling, be assured that something else is going on.

In fact, something greater is going on.

It’s a baptism into a new life.

It’s a baptism by fire.

Along with the hardship comes a battle. Internally, a barrage of distractions, temptations, fears and disappointments attack you in that season of hardship to steal your heart. They will do any and everything to keep you away from GOD’S calling.fire of adversity 3

Because if you ever respond to that calling, it’s game over. No demon in hell can stop a human who lives fearlessly to follow the calling that beckons her to a life of purpose and meaning.

It’s always been that way. History is replete with people who became significant because they fought and won the battles that came with their suffering. The rest of the world was better because of them. It is still true today. Where you see suffering, look for the battles. Where you see the battles, look for the ones who choose to face the adversity with courage, love, peace and hope. Those individuals are the great ones who overcome not only the hardship, but the internal demons of terror, hurt and anger as well.fire of adversity 4

In the suffering, it matters who you listen to. In the suffering, the voices of your enemy are loud and the voice of GOD is quiet. The shouting is meant to rouse fear. The quietness instills confidence. Listen intently and purposefully. Above the noise you will hear Him inviting you to greatness, a life of meaningful and purposeful presence in a world of hopelessness. He is making you that city on a hill, to which others look for guidance and calm assurance. It is this greatness that GOD created you to live.

fire of adversityThe fires of adversity shape men and women into strong leaders of influence. It’s easy to see that truth in other people. However, it’s hard to see it in your own hardship, isn’t it?

After all, have you, even for a moment, considered it as a season of making you stronger?


(The quote above is from Ascending Leaders workbook, Fruitful Living)



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