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gods of Egypt

(This week’s posting is a repeat from July. It seemed so appropriate for the new year that I wanted to repost it. Enjoy and thanks for reading.)

Why do we go back? Why do we find ourselves looking longingly across the Red Sea back to our history of slavery? What is it that draws our hearts there? Is it the security? Is there something so comforting about the known that we hesitate to move toward the land of new beginnings?

That’s why we need His voice, the voice of Christ. That’s why we need the pillar of fire at night and pillar of cloud in the day to beckon us onward & forward to the land of promise. It’s not to keep us from getting lost in the wilderness. It’s to keep us from going back.

Where do you hear it? His voice, that is. Where do you hear it regularly? Sometimes it’s subtle and sometimes loud, but always powerful. Our GOD, who fought for you and made a way for you, beckons you to a new future. So where do you hear it – His voice? Listen as you read scripture, as you pray and sing. Listen as you worship with the congregation and by yourself. Listen in the fellowship as you share life with other believers struggling to make sense of it all. The background music of these moments and more is the voice of the beloved Savior calling and inviting you to trust Him. “Follow Me.” He says. Listen.

Do you hear it? His voice, do you hear it? He’s calling. And He’s calling you to something grand and beautiful and epic. And it’s no easy task. The journey before you is marked with battles to fight, giants to face, mountains to climb and a race to run. Those are the reasons I shrink back and look over my shoulder at Egypt. I was a slave there, but it was easy. Just do the mindless work every day. That’s all. However, I was made for more than Egypt. I was made for the Promised Land. I was made for courage, wisdom, strength and love. So when the gods of Egypt call for me, I must choose to resist them and turn my heart back to my homeward journey.star-gazing

Can I tell you that on many evenings I go outside and look up to the black sky and gaze on the shimmering stars? I honestly don’t know why except to say that something stirs in my soul when I do. It’s something true and powerful. I think it’s a reminder that GOD’S design of things is much more than I can imagine. I’m caught up in the vastness of it all. The stars tell me that I am in the middle of something grand.

He loves me. Christ loves me. It’s a love that is higher, deeper, wider and longer than I can imagine. It’s grand. And though it is frightening to move ahead, I do. His voice of love calls to me. To me, of all people. I discover that it’s a life worth living. It’s a death worth dying. It’s a battle worth fighting. So I respond with faith and love, mostly.  I don’t always. The gods of Egypt are loud, but the voice of Christ is greater – if I will stop and listen.

That’s why I need His voice, daily. It keeps me, not from getting lost, but from going back.

Do you hear it? His voice, that is. Do you hear it? Listen.Follow Jesus


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