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It May Be More Than You Think

I needed a week away. That’s what I thought anyway. So I took a vacation. Hearing the waves crash on the sandy beach was refreshing to my soul. I could relax and think of nothing necessary. The goal was to return home with a restored heart and a fresh burst of creativity. I wanted to evaporate the heaviness. The beach should do it.

But sometimes it doesn’t. Contrary to popular belief, the beach isn’t always the answer.

Perhaps it’s something more. Did you know that over 14 million American adults suffer from depression? That kind of physiological malady requires more than a vacation. That requires medication and counseling. If that’s where you are, take care of it. See a doctor and get help.

But consider for a moment that it’s something spiritual. I am going out on a limb and asking, “What if it’s something supernatural?” Entertain that thought for a moment. Most Americans believe in the supernatural. In fact, half of Americans believe that GOD plays a role in the Super Bowl winner.

Is it possible that some demon has your name on his list?Is it possible that you are that important? Does your life matter so much to the demons that at their recent team meeting your name came up and they said, “Get on her case and make her as miserable as possible. If she breaks out of this, we all are in trouble. We must keep her down.”fight the battle 2

Yep, that’s possible. Now don’t get arrogant over this, but understand something. Throughout each day, you are engaging with many, many people. Your interactions with them will make a difference, either positively or negatively. The trajectory of their day will hinge on that moment. Criticism will hurt them. Admiration will lift them. It’s up to you. You’re dropping rocks in the pond everywhere you go, creating ripples of life or death. Your life matters. It really matters.The silhouette of a warrior woman with storm clouds in the background.

That’s why the demons talked about you last night. That’s why they are discouraging (taking away your courage) you today. That’s why they are tempting you with things like fear, pride, unforgiveness, greed and despair. You count. If they can keep you in a weakened state, the easier their job is to keep the rest of the world in a bad place.fight the battle 4

Today, your assignment is simple: go out and face the darkness that fights to take away your heart. Fight back and win those battles to do good in a world gone bad. Express the life you’ve been given. Do it courageously and generously. March to the beat of joy. Let love be your contagion and infect the people around you. Don’t allow the haters to take away your passion. The waters of hell cannot compare to the holy fire that burns in your soul . . . unless you let it. So today, make hell earn every victory. Make them pay. Make certain they have casualties in this war they wage against your soul. Because one thing is certain – hell is making certain we have casualties.fight the battle 8

Don’t live as a victim. Take back your life and intentionally live in a manner that will cause the darkness to flee. Let your light shine in the darkness.

You are the light of the world, a city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”   – Jesus, Matthew 5:14fight the battle 7


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