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What if Everyone Else Lived Like Me?

“Be Like Me”

Sounds arrogant, doesn’t it?

It sounds arrogant Be Like Me 6to say, “I’m living the kind of life that if others lived, the world would be a better place.” But when you stop and consider it, perhaps it’s not pride. Think of the good choices you make on a daily basis.

Are you faithful in your marriage? What if everyone else was faithful in their marriage?

Do you go out of your way to help others? What if everyone else did?

Do you give to worthy causes?

Do you pray?

Do you take care of your children?

Do you pay your bills on time?

What if everyone else did those things? Wouldn’t our world be a better place? Every single one of us are doing some things, that if everyone else imitated, the world would be new and improved.

Our first response may be, “Yeah, but . . .” And then we list the things we do wrong each day. I don’t want to minimize those wrong choices, but we also make right choices that we shouldn’t minimize either. And aren’t you working to overcome the wrong decisions? Isn’t it a part of your thinking to become better than you are? That’s good, right? It’s actually an humbling thing to think that others would imitate us. It reminds us of how desperately we need divine assistance.be like me 2


It’s not the height of arrogance to think that our lives are worth imitating. After all, you are asking the question: “What can I do today that if everyone else did, the world would be a better place?” It’s not prideful to wonder how to improve our world.

Remember that it’s not just you that we should imitate. It’s your best you that we should imitate. Bring your A game – your best choices, ideas, conversations and thoughts. Bring those with you. Those things improve our world. Your best is what changes our families, schools and communities. Your best is what transforms the culture.

Perhaps you are thinking that your best is not good enough. But I disagree. Dig in with me for a moment and let me tell you why. Bringing your best means owning it. When you bring your A game each day, you are saying, “This is my part. I own this.” Rather than shrink back from your place in this world, you accept gladly your roles at home, school, work and in the community. As a Be like me 1result, you live each day with passion and focus as if your life truly matters. Because it does.

Your best says to a watching world, “This counts. It’s important enough for me to be my best.” As a result, it inspires people to live better. They see your passionate zeal to do more than the right thing. They see you doing the best thing. And in that witness, something is birthed in their own souls that compels them to step up their own game and bring their best.

Life is contagious when it is lived well and with exuberance. So live well by becoming more. Live passionately because it inspires others. The world will be better.


2 thoughts on “What if Everyone Else Lived Like Me?

  1. Mr. Buck White, Cuthbert barber cut hair for five generations of families and lived a life that inspired all those generations. One of his greatest loves was teaching Sunday School to the ladies at the nursing home, as well as sharing the love of Jesus Christ to anyone in his path, even if he had to cross the street! May all who come behind us find us as faithful as Mr. Buck White.


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