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It’s Time For You to Wake Up!


“I want to go on living even after my death! And therefore I am grateful to GOD for giving me this gift . . . of expressing all that is in me.”

Anne Frank, 14


2 Wake Up Calls:

1- Your life has an end.

It is wisdom to not only know that your time on earth is limited, but to embrace it and then to live each day like it could be your last. And not only your last day, but it could be someone else’s last day. It could be the last day of your spouse, your child, your parent, or a friend. Perhaps you consider this idea frightening or morbid, but it is reality. It is wise to understand that we don’t have forever. Whether we live ten years or a hundred, still we have a last day that is coming.

2- Your life has meaning.

Your life matters more than you know. None of us truly grasp the depth of our life’s impact. People who are around you each day are touched by the things you do, the attitudes you hold, and the words you use. You have the power in your solitary life to change the world of the people around you. That is the potential of your daily life. It is an everyday opportunity to create something new and hopeful and powerful for others.


What It’s About

Your hesitation may be, “Well, I’m really not that important.” It’s the opposite that is true. This lesson is something I had to learn. Just recently I published my first book. In doing so, I had to market it. And yet, I hesitated to say much about it to people because I dislike the idea of self-promotion. It just reeks of a foullegacy odor.

A friend gently reminded me that although the book was about me, it was the story that was what people needed to hear. And I was the only person who could tell that story. And I had to tell the story if it was to reach out and encourage people who felt lost and disappointed with GOD. No one else could do that because I owned it.


Do you see? It’s not about self-promotion or arrogance. It is about an honest assessment of your life and its value in this world. GOD created you for a purpose and that purpose involves sharing your life and your story with others. But if you keep ignoring the value of your life, you’ll never live to the potential. Your life matters more than you know. So share it. Share your life. Share your wisdom and ideas. Share your memories. Share your talents and passions. Leave behind a legacy that will shape the future. In Anne Frank’s words, go on living after your death.


Wake Up! !

Your life has an end.          Your life has meaning.

If you will embrace those two understandings, you can begin to live a life that will last long after you do. The soundings of your life will reverberate in the hearts of generations to come.

Ask yourself: Who are the people who have made the greatest impact on you? Did they even know it?






2 thoughts on “It’s Time For You to Wake Up!

  1. Thanks for the personal message to me! As I get older and lose more friends, I’m grateful that God puts new opportunities in my life to serve Him. Pray that I will be faithful.


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