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No Longer A Life Less Lived

Today your journey begins. Look toward the east at the sunrise. That is the new direction of your life. You feel a fresh surge of energy soaked in gratitude. Your past is behind you and all you can think about is tomorrow. What is this going on in your head? Are those dreams swirling around in your brain? Are you really thinking more about the future than your past?

What’s going on here? It’s greatness. You’ve answered its call.

If you are a Bible person, then you’ve read it in the stories of Moses and Abraham and Simon Peter and Paul. You read their story of how something changed in them suddenly. They became different people. It was the greatness that invaded them. They said, “OK, I’ll do that.” When they did, things got crazy and out of sorts. They took insane risks. They started living in ways that most “normal” people would characterize as wacky. And they’re right. But you notice what began to happen around them. The impact of their lives was deep and lasting. Their mere presence changed the dynamics of the room. In fact, it was world changing. Everyone took notice that something was happening because of them. They couldn’t ignore it. The people around them were either afraid or assured. It was greatness – of a divine order – that had taken hold of them. They submitted themselves to it and lived under its shadow. Things changed. Miracles happened. The impossible was accomplished. Divine force was released. The supernatural broke through.

Greatness is coursing through your veins. It’s a greatness birthed of grace, holiness and power. It’s a greatness not born of you, but born of GOD. Be careful. It’s not a greatness that you can manipulate. It’s a greatness to which you can only surrender yourself. Each time you try to control it, it diminishes. Each time you try to get more of it, it dissipates. All you can do is respond to it.Great Living

Greatness is not for you personally. It’s for others. It’s to serve people. When you try to use it selfishly, it immediately turns to rubble. Jesus knew this. That is why He fought the temptations in the wilderness so hard. He could not live for Himself and live in the greatness. The two never meet. Take the road toward yourself and the greatness disappears. That’s the reason greatness never surfaces for many people. It’s there, but it never comes up because they can’t get beyond themselves. This inability to look outwardly to the needs of others is the wall that keeps them imprisoned to a life less lived.

Humility and courage rise up in you, having been birthed by greatness, to break the shackles of fear and pride that have held you captive. Once overwhelming forces controlling your life, now they are temptations you can fight. No longer overcome, but now one who overcomes.

Today your journey begins. Turn toward the dawn. The sun is rising on a new day. GOD is calling you to life greater than you. His plans and purposes await. Dreams, not memories, are the order of the day. No longer content with a life less lived, answer the call to a life well lived.


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