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A Dream and . . .

Is it hazardous to pursue a dream? The realists in the crowd are shouting, “Yes! Yes!” I read recently of a dad who told his daughter to not marry a dreamer. After all, there’s no security there. Unfortunately they’ve been right on more than one occasion. Dreamers come across as foolish and hazardous. But it doesn’t havefollow-that-dream to be that way.

Dreams that have become reality have always had wisdom, logic and practical thinking as traveling companions. Those are the things that turn dreams into vision. It’s the plan that makes the vision possible.

It’s not foolish to follow a dream. It’s foolish to follow a dream without a plan. Vision doesn’t just happen. It requires hard work, much harder that pushing a broom from 8-5 for a secure salary. The reason that working for the man is hard is because it’s not you. But your vision is where you are willing to sweat b/c it’s the thing inside of you. You work hard because you cannot do otherwise.

If you are a dreamer, then you need to answer this: What’s your plan? We know your dream, but what’s your plan? How will you make the dream happen?

This call to wise planning does not mean that you know all of the steps. In fact, it is most likely that you don’t know all of the steps. However, you do know one step. It’s the one right in front of you. Is today the time you take that step?

If you want to pursue a vision, then map out a road as best as you can. Then be courageous enough to share your vision and your map with others. Who knows? Some of us may want to go with you. And that is how you’ll get there. It’s in the invitation to others that some will respond affirmatively. You’ll build momentum and create a movement. And you will get there.

Do you have a plan to go with your dream? Have you told anyone? Why do we hesitate to share our dreams with others? Why? What do you fear? Who could you share your vision with today?


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