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Pay Attention to the Doodles

doodlingYou are sitting in a meeting and the presenter is going on and on about something. You pretend to take notes. You are actually doodling. His voice is the background music to your dance. Something else is simmering in your mind and you can’t help yourself. You doodle about it. It’s an idea for a new product or venture. You find that you are thinking about it much of your waking day. It is starting to rise up in your very soul. Each day it enlarges.

It’s vision.

When GOD created you, he placed deeply in you a vision for what your life would become. It usually takes decades for that vision to come to pass. It is much bigger and grander than you can imagine. It involves pleasure and pain. As you move toward it, you experience its thrill. Some days you are not sure it will make it. Other days you know there’s no way it can fail.

Others call it neurotic. You call it vision. You cannot not do this. Or maybe you can. Maybe you can push away this thing that has captured your heart. Maybe you can break open the doors and walk away. Just know this: When you do, you will always wonder what could have been. And you will never know the answer. It’s a risk either way – to know what could have been or to never know. Which risk do you prefer?

If you can break loose from it, maybe it’s not vision anyway.

However, if it is something inside of you wanting to become something outside of you, then you need to find a way to make that happen. This is where you call for prudence and wisdom. Visionaries don’t throw caution to the wind. Instead they set up the vision to succeed.

Today you ask yourself:

What can I do today to set up the vision’s success tomorrow? Vision includes planning ahead.

Who are the people who can help me? Vision is never accomplished alone.

If you believe in the vision enough, then sit down with trusted friends and take the time to strategically plan out how you will get there.

Don’t rush it. Go with the flow. Timing is critical. And at the right time, you will see the doodles become reality. So pay attention to the doodles.



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