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Pssss. Are You Asleep?

Being stuck is a situation that can sneak up on you. Most often we don’t even know we are stuck. We are simply in a routine and before long, the routine becomes a series of motions. Marriages get stuck in a routine. Careers get stuck in a routine. Faith gets stuck in a routine. Round and round we go. Same choices. Same people. Same conversations. Before long, we are not even paying attention to our lives. We are mindlessly going through the routines.

A change is unsettling. We don’t want our routines disturbed. We want security. We want assurance. We want routines. The status quo has a ring of comfort and security to it.boom

 “Don’t tell me that I’m dying on the inside. Don’t try to show me that a different path is better. Don’t challenge me with new ideas. I’m comfortable where I am. I like the calm, even keel of my routines.”


 Routines may be your false security. As long as you are in your routines, all of life seems normal and quiet. No interruptions mean that all is well. Or so we think.

GOD is waking you up. He knows you are stuck and today is the day for you to get up. He’s your security. He’s your comfort. He’s your assurance. Not your job. Not your family. Not your money. Not your church. Not your routines. It’s Jesus. Wake up!

So let’s not sleepwalk through life like those others. Let’s keep our eyes open and be smart.

1 Thessalonians 5:6, MSG


What are the things in your life that awakened you?


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