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You’ve Probably Never Thought of This

It is a question that needs answering. It is the question a friend asked me.

What’s at stake?

It is how I finished my last blog post. What’s at stake with your life? Have you considered that? You’ve probably never thought of this. For most of us, we far underestimate how much our life matters. The truth is that much is at stake with your life and every life.

You have a lot to give, so show up. Much good rests in you. But if you don’t show up to offer it, then no one knows. In fact you don’t even know until you show up. And the good inside of you dies with you. Show up and step into people’s lives with the good you have. Offer them encouragement, wisdom and support.

You have more to give, so grow up. Up to this point, you have become more than you were. Don’t stop there. Keep traveling that road and become more than you are. Regardless of your age, learn, grow and change. That is how you become more. That is how you discover and develop the untapped potential that GOD created in you.

You probably know by now that I just published my first book. Honestly I have wondered if it was worth the paper to have it printed, but my friend asked me, “What’s at stake? What if you don’t do this?” Several people have already answered that question for me. They told me that the power of fear and discouragement is great when you are living by faith in Christ. They told me how my book gave them courage for their journey of faith.

What’s at stake? The hearts of others who are fighting great battles are at stake. Don’t take the risk of living in your sanctuary. It’s too costly.


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