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Something You May Not Know (But You Need to Know It)

I am certain that many people have read my blog in 2014 about becoming a new person and have thought, “I don’t think it is worth it.” And my honest response to that is: Really? You truly think becoming a new person is not worth it? If you do, then you obviously don’t understand the value of your life to so many people.

Don’t you realize that you have enormous value? That you bring much to the table? That your input and feedback is critical? Don’t you know that your children, even your grown children, are watching you? And that your grandchildren are listening to you? Your friends, neighbors, co-workers and teammates are living how they are because of you. Don’t you know that many people in the world need your voice? Your presence? Your wisdom? Your laughter? They need you.

They don’t just need you, but they need the best you. Many people bring their addictions or failures or weaknesses to the game, which is fine if that is all you have. But you don’t. You have something else, something more. You don’t have to remain as an addict or failure or weak. There is a phoenix in the ashes, but you won’t give him the chance to rise upOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA because you are content with the ashes.

As a result, you are choosing to let your life languish rather than thrive. You are content with growing old and stuck and frail rather than embracing hardship and challenges and growth. Is that what you are saying? I know that it is hard answering the hard questions I asked you previously. We need you to be more and you can’t be more until you are willing to choose the road of being more. That road begins at the place of self-discovery. Don’t underestimate the power of your life. It matters more than you know. Make it count.

Now, get with it. Answer those questions. Bring your best because we need you at your best.


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