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One Place Where We Can Fail

It is not pleasant work, this task of self-discovery. It is hard, and it gets harder. However, self-discovery is necessary if you are to create a new future, whether that new future is weight loss, better relationships, a desired career or something else.

One thing I have not mentioned in this series of blog posts is the spiritual aspect of the journey. Even if you are not a Christ Follower, indulge me this post to say: Pray. It is never a good thing to take on such a huge challenge without divine assistance. Let me tell you why.

Do you see the leopard in this photograph below? Leopard Hiding

Neither do we see the choices and routines that have gotten us where we are. We need our eyes opened. That is where divine assistance comes in. It is an incredible gift to see ourselves as we truly are. It is also the beginning point of moving forward.

Also, the discoveries we make about ourselves can be devastating. Where do we go when we realize the depths of our brokenness? Who will love us into a better future? Have you ever read these words? “So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.” Rather than kicking us in the teeth for our failures, GOD gives us great mercy and healing. We can move forward without the baggage of our past.

We have a tendency in the self-discovery experience to lie to ourselves. Who wants to realize that he/she is afraid or lazy or manipulative? However if those things are true, I need to hear them and receive them. My future will only improve if I accept the truth of who I am right now. This is the third reason we need to pray. We need GOD to help us be honest with ourselves and not diminish our need for healing. Prayer can be the one place we fail. That failure will sabotage the rest of the journey.

You may not believe in prayer and I am not trying to convince you to do so. But ask yourself: Will prayer hurt? So prayer hands 2why not give it a shot? Just say it out loud, “GOD, help me to honestly and clearly see my heart.” Watch what happens. You may be surprised.


How has prayer changed your future and made you better than you were? Share your story with the rest of us in the comments section.





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