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Found My Heart

I share great news with you today. I just published my first book. It is titled Found My Heart When I Lost My Way. It is available exclusively through Amazon Kindle. You can find it here. It is FREE through Christmas. I know you will enjoy it. Below is an excerpt.

Found My Heart book cover

Adversity Has An Upside

The story of Os Hillman has been a great encouragement to me.  His book, The Upside of Adversity, chronicles his experiences and lessons from a disorienting season of life.  Hillman was a very wealthy Christ Follower who lost his business and family in a matter of a few months.  It was devastating to him.  He felt the silence and absence of heaven.  None of it made sense.  His experience that he describes as a “Joseph Pit” lasted seven years.  As Hillman reflected on that season of life, he wrote:

Sometimes GOD has to take us into the desert in order to get Egypt out

of our system. We have to experience a separation from our old lives in

order to receive the new one that GOD has planned for us.

He understood the greater purposes of his Heavenly Father.  Today Hillman is leader of a global workplace ministry equipping Christ Followers to live out their faith at their jobs.  More than 250,000 people receive his daily email of encouragement.  GOD took him to a new place, not just externally but internally as well.  GOD had to radically reorient him from the inside out.  And today he is a world changer.   His life has become much more than he could have ever imagined.

Hillman’s few words have helped me tremendously because they have relieved many of my fears.  I learned that GOD was accomplishing His plans during this season of disorientation.  And since that was true, it meant that GOD had not given up on me.  He was extending grace to me in spite of my failures.  He had not sidelined me permanently and those words meant that a new future awaited me.  That new future required a new me.  I could not become what I needed to become with the old me.  Not only was GOD disorienting me, but He was also reorienting me.  He was changing me drastically from the inside.  I had a restored confidence that He would see me through this time.  GOD was not trying to destroy me.  Instead, He was trying to remake me for His divine plans.

On many days during this darkness, I reflected on the way things used to be and I would wish for those days when life was more settled and certain, those days when I knew where I was going and what I was doing.  One morning as I read the story of Joseph in Genesis 39, I saw how GOD has prospered him and had given him success in all areas of his life. And I thought to myself, “If Joseph had not been sold as a slave to Egypt and had stayed in Canaan, He would have been just as successful there at home.  As a result, his brothers would have reacted out of jealousy and would have eventually killed him.  Their terrible act of betrayal actually saved his life.”  And I realized then that the struggles we were facing actually were the best thing that could have occurred to us.  Without them, I shudder to consider where I would be today and how much less the future would hold.

Following Jesus is not always a clear path like we think it should be. GOD often takes us to places where questions make up our prayers.  However, like an architect overseeing a remodeling project, GOD knows what we must lose in order to give us what we need so we can become what He desires.


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