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Christmas – Living Bigger

Joseph and Mary 1They were regular people, like you and me. No Donald Trump or Miley Cyrus or Bill Gates. I imagine that most of them were fairly content in doing what they had been doing. Mary was preparing for a wedding. Joseph was planning on a family. The shepherds were having an average sheep year I suppose (whatever that was). The wise men were always fascinated by the stars. Perhaps the innkeeper was the only one who saw something spectacular happening. Caesar’s idea of a tax census meant that he would be booked, which was a windfall for him. After all, Bethlehem was no Orlando.

And then in a single moment, everything changed. Into their ordinary lives came an extraordinary message. GOD was doing something amazing and He wanted them to be part of it. Once they said yes, it was over. Joseph and Mary’s dream to live as a normal family in Nazareth would never happen. They were dreaming of safety and they were living too small . . . just like the rest of us.

When I read the Christmas story, nothing about it is safe . . . or small. Jesus’ birth begins a risky and enormous adventure that culminates in a crucifixion and resurrection. For them to be a part of it, these regular Joe’s and Mary’s had to step up and live a bigger story – GOD’S story.

Christmas reminds us that in order to live out the plan GOD has for our lives, adjustments are necessary. Those adjustments can be huge. Following Christ is never a promise of safety. Ordinary people who are willing to conspire with an extraordinary GOD to change the world will do just that – change the world. Open your life to what GOD wants to do through you. Let go of your small dreams. Live bigger.


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