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Showing Up at the Gate Without a Limp

Steve Wiens is a blogger I read regularly. Earlier in the fall, he completed a run through the Grand Canyon. That’s right, through the Grand Flipping Canyon. He tells the story here. The numbers are amazing: 23 miles. 11,000 feet of elevation change. Nine hours, 53 minutes, 41 seconds.  He did it as a way to raise money for the release and restoration of enslaved Ethiopian women. He raised over $62,000.

The Question
It poses a question doesn’t it? Do I have a story? It is easy to tell someone else’s story, like I just did. But what about you? What is your story? What can you say about the times you were courageous? When you did something sacrificial? Or when you were heroic? And I don’t mean that it was courageous or sacrificial in comparison to another person. It does not mean that you matched the heroics of others. It is about being you. And in that moment, you stepped up and paid the way for someone else. You have to create a story in order to tell it.

A First Step?
Last summer I drove through a drive-through and ordered a milkshake. When I got to the window, the attendant said, “The person in the car ahead of you paid for your milkshake.” Small sacrifice? Maybe. But perhaps that young lady had never done something generous before. Perhaps for the first time she has a story to tell. And it will lead her to do things even more courageous and generous in the future.

Creating Your Story
What’s your story? It does not matter what others think. Remember it’s your story. You own it. You made a difference for someone somewhere. In a moment of throwing caution to the wind, you stepped out of your comfort zone. Even if the situation did not come out as you hoped, it does not matter. What matters is that you refused to sit back and do nothing. What’s your story?

No Limp
If you have no story, why not? Why are you sitting down. Today is the day to do something. Get up and spend your day for someone else. Be hope to another. Don’t live for the tiny toys you can buy. Don’t play it safe. This life is a grand adventure.Iron gate in a beautiful green garden Really, do you want to show up at the gate without a limp? Do you want to go through life unscarred because you never entered the fray? Because you were afraid? Don’t allow that thinking to control your life. Offer yourself somewhere to someone and if you die in it, at least you died for a worthy cause.

Make It Count
As a result, you will realize that the most satisfying life you can live is not the one you keep, but the one you give away. You experience the significance of your life when you choose generosity, courage and sacrifice. Only one life to live; no practice runs. Make it count.


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