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That Publish Button

publish-buttonWhen I finish composing a blog post, the next step is to publish it on my blog. There is a small “publish” icon on the right hand side of the screen. When I look at it, the button often speaks to me, “You don’t want to do this. Do you realize what people will think about you? If you click on me, your words will be posted immediately and forever on the internet. A couple of people will actually share this on Facebook and it will spread.” Or even worse I will occasionally hear, “Are you kidding? Nobody is going to read this. Why bother?” So before I click on it, I will read back over the post one more time. Then again. And again.

Finally I realize what is driving this ridiculous conversation I am having with the publish button. It is fear. That’s right. I fear the very thing I do. Not all the time, but it is fairly consistent. I hesitate before I put my words in public.

The Great Unknown
It takes great courage to put your thoughts and creativity out there whether it is a painting, a blog, an idea or a design. It is a risk to step out and say or do something you’ve never said or done before. In those first few moments after clicking the “publish” button, I wonder how the post will affect people, if at all. The great unknown waits on the other side.

This challenge is not new with me. In fact, most all of us have struggled with allowing fear to decide for us whether we will step up and say something or just keep it to ourselves. For instance, remember telling someone (besides your mother) for the first time, “I love you.” That was a fearful moment wasn’t it? What if he/she did not love you back? Yikes! I’ve seen too many Youtube videos of marriage proposals gone bad.

Why Bother?
So why do I blog if I fear this? Life would be much easier if I did not have a bi-weekly posting to publish. I do this because I believe I add value to your life. It’s that simple. While I do enjoy writing, I also believe that the words you read from this blog are helping you become more than you are. I believe that many people are facing great battles and some are ready to quit. I believe that what I write will encourage you to endure the fight and to become stronger.

Time for You to Step Up
I believe you can do the same for others. I believe you have a message or an idea inside of you too that needs to be communicated somehow. But you are like me, too chicken to click the “publish” button. It makes me wonder all that the world is missing because too many people are playing it safe. Who knows what great ideas are still hidden because of fear? Is it you? Are you the one with a revolutionary thought? Step up. Your voice matters. We need you. Click on the publish button. We’ll be glad you did.

(This post is part of a series. See Post 1 & Post 2.)


2 thoughts on “That Publish Button

  1. Keep up the good works, I look forward to reading your blogs. It gives me a connection , that feels like I’m talking with you or listening to you…You are much more a success, than you realize.


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