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Hey! Where’s the Sink?

“It is always our own self that we find at the end of the journey.
The sooner we face that self, the better.”

Ella Maillart

We remodeled our kitchen many years ago. As with most do-it-yourself projects, it took longer than we anticipated, andkitchen remodel the process did not happen as we thought. Remodeling the kitchen meant that everything in our house was affected. We had to eat at the dining room table for every meal instead of the kitchen table. We ordered new countertops to replace the old ones so we had to do without any counters for several weeks. As a result, we placed the microwave in the playroom where we also prepared the children’s school lunches. It was chaotic to say the least. Everything was turned upside down. Our home was disoriented. Until we finished the project, nothing made sense. Our dishes were on the floor of the hallway. A bottle of syrup was on the toy box. The kitchen sink was in the carport. A person walking into this situation blindly would be confused. You could feel the disorder because nothing was as it should have been.

That is the way life feels sometimes doesn’t it? Everything is out of place. It is chaotic. Nothing makes sense. It can be frustrating and disappointing. You get angry. But what can you do when the life you had planned to live is no longer possible?

When that chaos happened to me, I was unaware that something else was going on. GOD was remodeling my life. He was taking some things out and changing some things around because He had a different future planned for me than I understood. I was grieving all that I was losing, failing to recognize that those losses were necessary. However, GOD knew what I must lose in order to give me what I needed so I could become what He desired.

If you are in the midst of a chaotic season, hang on. Chaos is nothing new to people of faith. You see chaos all around people in the Bible. People like Moses, David and Simon Peter found life to be disorienting at times. Those moments were times that GOD was preparing them for a future they could not imagine. So it is with you. Something beautiful and lasting is being created. Your heart is being revealed and is being made new. When that begins to happen, get ready for a deeper work of revealing and healing. The Grand Architect is doing a very great work in you. Let go of all you are trying to save and keep. He’s got it.


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