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The Courage to Fail

Failure fearMy wife and I went on a walk this morning. Just ahead of us was a mom and her three small children. One of them was on a bicycle. As he rode along, he lost his balance and fell over. His mom helped him up. Once he recovered, he got back on his bike and drove into his driveway. He has learned a lesson that will help him greatly in life. When you fall, get back up and go again. Failure cannot be the last word.

Are you dealing with failure because you challenged the status quo? Maybe your new idea did not work out. Maybe your innovation did not get any traction. If so, then you are in a difficult season. Failures are heavy to carry. And you do carry them – occasionally for a long time. I know because I have tried a number of things. Many have been failures. It includes smaller things like blog posts or sermon ideas to bigger things like a whole new church. And when you fail once, you are afraid to try again. If the fear of failure is haunting you, then you are missing the truth about failure.

Redefining Failure
What is the truth? It is this: Your failure was actually a step of courage. You were willing to take a risk and go for broke. No one else was willing to do what you did, were they? They were all sitting on their hands wishing they had the courage you have. That is the truth about what you did. Now how is that failure? As Brene Brown says, “There is no courage without failure.” You took the risk and stepped out of your comfort zone. How many people live their entire lives and never do that? Perhaps the greatest failure of a life is the failure to chase a dream. To never fail is to fail. If you have not failed at anything, then you have not tried anything. You have not stepped out and pushed the edges of possibility.

Push Further
What is it you are dreaming? Where are you wanting to challenge the status quo? Are you afraid of failing? Good. Because if you are not fearing failure, then you are not pushing far enough. Go for it. Don’t let fear or failure control you. Push toward your dream.

Have you overcome the fear of failure? How did you do it? Pass along your ideas to the rest of us.


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