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How Chris Healed His Wife

words of healing 2Chris stood there in silence, looking at her. His heart was racing. He crossed his arms. Her accusing words had cut deep. She was waiting for a response. What would he say? She waited.

Jesus, The Healer
When you think of Jesus and healing, what comes to your mind? Most likely, it is Bartimaeus. He was the guy who sat beside the road and begged for money because he was blind. Jesus came along and healed him. Or perhaps you think about the crippled guy at the Temple who waited for the legendary angel to stir the waters of the pool. The belief was that the first one in the water was healed. To me, sounds like a terrible trick to play on the disabled. Maybe you remember the ten lepers that Jesus healed. One of them returned to thank Him.
Is it possible that as grand as those moments were for the sick, there were moments of even greater healing recorded in the New Testament? Is it possible that people in Jesus’ day had greater healing needs than deafness, leprosy or blindness? Just like we do today.

The Greater Miracle
The greatest needs for healing today are related to our hearts, not our bodies. People are struggling with emotional pain. This area is where I see people struggling the most. They need their broken souls to be restored. And that wound is deep.

Healing Power
How does one heal a soul? It has a simple beginning. Healing starts with words, just like Jesus did. Yes, Jesus healed people with His words.
The broken souls trying to earn GOD’S favor heard, “Come to Me . . . I will give you rest.”
The shameful souls trying to erase their guilt heard, “Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.”
The fearful souls trying to regain their courage heard, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. You believe in GOD; believe also in Me.”
The hungry souls trying to find GOD heard, “Blessed are the pure in heart. For they shall see GOD.”
Words – Powerful, Healing, Restoring Words. That was how Jesus healed people at their deepest need. His words changed everything.

Speak Healing
So do your words. You have to decide if they will hurt or heal.
“Words kill; words give life.” (Proverbs 18:21). Choose them wisely. Speak healing today. Let the broken people around you feel the powerful presence of Jesus flowing through your mouth. Heal the broken-hearted. Bind up their wounds. Speak the truth in love.

“You don’t understand. I choose to love you regardless of what you say.” Chris dropped his arms. His heart rate slowed. Her eyes puddled. A piece of her soul was restored.

Do you remember a moment when someone’s words healed your soul? Can you share it with us in the comments?


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