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Don’t Rot!

green and growingIt’s a saying I have read numerous times:
“People are like fruit. If you’re green, you’re growing; if you’re ripe, you’re rotting.”
In other words, when I feel I have reached the pinnacle of learning and growing, my life is beginning to diminish. There is a lot of truth to that saying. If we are not growing, then we are probably rotting. We are either becoming more or we are becoming less.
What keeps me green and growing?
Facing my fears
Letting go of my past
Getting out of my comfort zone
Attempting new things
Celebrating successes
Pursuing vision
Helping others grow
Finishing projects
Making myself vulnerable
Having fun

I don’t want to become rotten. I want to stay green and growing until the day I die.
What about you? Use the comments to add to the list. What keeps you growing?


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