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A Wise Investment

mentors According to Robert D. Smith’s Day Calculator, I have lived 18,798 days (Find it at http://www.therobertd.com). We value time because we cannot save it. It is an un-renewable resource that must be used in some way. And it forces us to ask the question: How am I using the days I have left on earth? Today I issue a challenge to all my readers. And if you will do what I suggest, our world will change. That’s right. This one challenge will touch the future.

It was last year that a young man emailed me and asked me to walk with him through the scriptures. We finished reading the New Testament in May. We discussed it almost weekly. It was a blast. That experience along with others prompted me to begin spending time with young men in a similar fashion. And I have greatly enjoyed those conversations. One of the best investments of the days you have left on earth is to spend them on others.

Don’t Let It Die With You
People need what you have to share. Perhaps you do not realize what you have to offer the generations coming behind you. Your losses and your successes and your wise and bad decisions are all valuable treasures to people who have not traveled as far down the road as you have. They need to hear the lessons you have learned. They need the encouragement that you can give. They need to know that others have survived what they are enduring. You have much to offer. If you are looking to make a difference in the future, then investing your present time in conversation with people coming behind you is one of the best ways you can do that.
Others need to know about your experiences, the good and the bad. You have celebrated and you have mourned. You have seen life from the mountain, from the valley and from everywhere in between. The generations coming behind you need what you have. You have gained wisdom from all you have done. Don’t save it for the last day. Share it with others. Many need it. If you fail to give your wisdom away, it will be lost forever.

Changing the Future
The difference it makes will be drastic. Did you know that when kids enjoy a regular, positive activity with an adult over the course of a year, drug and alcohol use, truancy and school drop-out rates all decline substantially? Not only is the child affected, but their family and the community is affected. Their future is different which means they and their children will have greater opportunities for success.
There it is – your opportunity to effect change in our nation. Invest in someone today. Listen to them. Ask them questions. Share your story. Listen to theirs. Begin an on-going conversation that will not only benefit them, but you as well. You will be glad you did.

What are the 3 most important lessons you would share with a teenager? A 20 year old? A 30 year old?


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