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Before You Walk Away

/>The Wonder of Life is the story of a young man struggling to understand his heart’s pull for two different women. (Yes it does sound like a chick flick. And no I have not seen it, only read about it.) However there is more than romance going on. Part of the storyline includes a Catholic priest, Father Quintana who is struggling in his love for GOD. However GOD seems to be distant and even absent. In his searching, he says, “Love is not only a feeling. Love is a duty. You feel your love has died? It is perhaps waiting to be transformed into something higher.”

His words remind me of spouses who have tired of marriage. They say that they have “fallen out of love” and want a divorce. Father Quintana’s words led me to wonder if it is possible that the death of their love was actually a potential breakthrough. Instead of a transformation into something higher, they chose to walk away. It just got too hard.

The Magic

The magic we long for so often, in business, school, marriage or some other pursuit, waits for us on the other side of the breakthrough. And instead of pushing forward, we back out. We lose the chance to get what our hearts long to experience – marriage troubletrue, deep and lasting intimacy. And we assume that we can just start over with someone else.

It Is About Me

The real issue is not always the other person. Often it is me. If this relationship is to last, then I need to change. I need to grow and I need to keep growing. The growth happens during those seasons when life is difficult and I choose to press on. When I persevere, I am changed.

Ready to Persevere?

Your love is on the verge of transformation. It waits for you to decide if you will push against the boundary or if you will walk away. If you walk away, you are guaranteed to meet this boundary again – in another relationship. But if you will press on and embrace the struggle, your marriage will go to a deeper level, one that is true, deep and lasting. And my family is impacted for generations. Is it time to press on and grow and move forward in your marriage?


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