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Chick Fil A Leadercast 2013

chickfila leadercast 2013

I attended the Chick Fil A Leadercast last week in Charlotte. It was a great day of learning and growing, which is critical to leadership. When you stop learning, you will stop leading. Here are a few thoughts I picked up from the speakers:

Andy Stanley – Create a one-sentence job description for yourself and for those whom you lead. Make it clear and simple. There is power in simplicity.

David Allen – Pay attention to what has your attention. Why are those things on your mind? Capture your thoughts, make a decision about what to do with them and then put your decision into action.

Henry Cloud – Leaders need to have the courage to let go of things that do not work. You cannot lead while holding on to broken or dead things.

John Maxwell – The Mathematics of Leadership: Add value to people each day, Subtract leadership landmines, Multiply your strengths by developing them, Divide weaknesses by delegating them.

Mike Krzyzewski – Leaders put people in a position to be successful. Create an atmosphere of success.

Condoleezza Rice – Be open to the different turns your life may take.

Jack Welch – Be transparent. Let people know where they stand with you. They deserve that.

What are the leadership lessons you have learned since the beginning of this year? Share them in the comments sections.


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