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What’s Your Story? – Part 2


Owning It

(You may want to read Part 1 before you read Part 2)

What’s your story? It needs to be told. And only you can tell your story. When you do, something significant happens. You begin to own your story, which is a powerful life transition. Before you own it, you tend to ignore it. You try to push it aside and hope to just get away from it. The only problem is that it keeps showing up. As a result, you find yourself controlled and even victimized my-storyby it. Whether it is your divorce or addiction or disease or a bad choice, you refuse to own it in hopes that it will go away. And you live with that conflict going on inside.

It Liberated Me

That was me. I wanted to hide my story under a rug. I did not want the history of a “failed church planter,” even though that was my story. However when I began to tell my story, I also began to own it. When I did, some of the shackles fell off. There is something liberating about telling the story of drama, conflict, pain, humor and rescue. Your past no longer controls you when the secret is shared. It brings healing and comfort to your own soul because you no longer are keeping it wrapped up. You can let it go free like a bird and in the process, you are set free as well.

Faith is More than Theory

And there is more. Something else happens when we tell the story. The word I think of is redemptive. Redemptive means to save someone else. Have you stopped to consider that your story can save others from some of the pain you faced? You can help them navigate the rough patches of the journey because you have already been there. GOD sustained you and He will sustain them. You are living proof that GOD is sufficient for people when life is dark. You endured the hard time because GOD made a way for you. Your story tells them that faith is more than just theory. It is a living reality. But they will only know that if you tell them your story. Your story is healing for you and healing for others.

Just Own It

A friend told me recently that his journey of faith has brought him to the place where he knew that he needed to own his story. In his words, “to quit being ashamed or embarrassed of certain aspects of my situation, to own the consequences of my own decisions and humbly accept those things He has permitted into my life that are outside my control … to just OWN IT, unashamed, by His grace.”

Tell your story, not necessarily to everyone. But someone somewhere needs to hear your story. It matters more than you know. Own it and tell it. (Part 3 is coming soon)


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