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Words Give Life

Wanting Someone Else’s Life
Have you ever wished to have someone else’s life? At least for a short time. I have. The life I have often wished to have was Jesus’. At least a short time of it anyway. To be perfectly honest, I do not care much about being crucified, but I do like other parts of His life. If you have ever read the story of Jesus, then you know that He did some amazing things while on earth. Deaf people heard, lame people walked and dead people lived because of Him. I think, “Wow, what an amazing life.”

His Greatest Miracles
One day recently I made a remarkable discovery. Those leg growing, eye opening, dead raising miracles were not the most powerful things Jesus did. His greatest miracles were not the physical ones. The greatest miracles Jesus performed were the transformations He caused in the hearts and minds of people. Jesus changed people’s lives most when He changed them on the inside. And those were the most difficult healings He performed. Think about it. How difficult was it to heal the heart of a woman whose only moments of intimacy had come from prostitution? What about giving purpose and meaning to the empty heart of a wealthy tax collector. Those types of miracles were the real miracles of Jesus. They were life changing. More than giving sight to the blind, Jesus gave meaning to the desperate. That was a powerful moment of healing.

How Did He Do That?Power of Words
How did Jesus perform such amazing feats? The answer was my remarkable discovery. He used words. He spoke to them and their lives changed. The power of their conversation with Jesus created a new future for them. He stirred up hope for them with sentences like, “You’re forgiven” or “Neither do I condemn you” or “Fear not.” After talking with Jesus, they were able to see possibilities when they looked toward tomorrow. His words empowered them to begin walking in a new direction. It was a life changing moment for them.

I Can Do That
And it hit me. I can do that. I have that ability – like Jesus had. All of us do. We have the ability to speak words. Words create. Words have the power to give hope and vision. Words can be life changing. Every conversation has the potential to start a movement toward a new future for someone. Just like Jesus, we can inspire people toward tomorrow with ordinary words. We can change lives too – with our words.

What about you? Who has spoken life to you? Who have you spoken life to? Leave your comments below.


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